"There is no question that Bill understands all aspects of the (FAST) system." "He developed simple, step by step operating instructions that made sense to our staff, and our way of doing business" "Bill has been a valuable source of management advice for me as I have taken a more responsible role with our company" "Bill is committed to making the theory of quality management work"
--Brian Murphy, Ray Murphy Homes

"I have worked with Bill to not only train us on the system, but use his industry background to confirm the validity of our overall strategic planning" "Sometimes interpreting the many features into results takes a lot of effort. What Bill has done for us is assess the practical side of how the system can work, and eliminate a lot of guesswork"
--Bob Marini, Jr., Marini Builders

"Bill Allen's training was 100% better" "Without Mr. Allen's expertise, we would be behind" "We found Bill to be very helpful and knowledgeable with both the (FAST) system and the construction field areas"
--Jeff Kurtyka, Triple Crown Corporation

"He helped us troubleshoot areas of cost that could be brought under better scrutiny, so we can reach our targeted cost on a planned basis. His networking with other consulting entities and clients has benefitted us in providing materials that give us a better road map to follow for controls and profit." "As a consultant, he uses his knowledge and experience to explain why as well as what"
--Larry Lewandowski, Charlew Builders

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