The business management and application software field has had my full attention for twenty-five plus years of my adult life. The last thirteen years have been related strictly to residential construction, from small to very large builders. During seven of these twelve years I was responsible for developing and managing the original client development program and education courses related to the F.A.S.T. Management System. A few years ago the company went through some restructuring, which included the departure of most of the key management people, including myself. Since that time, I have continued a full time consulting practice, assisting builders of various size, in implementing and managing integrated computer systems. My consulting practice also includes other areas of home building management, much of which is affected by the implementation of a fully integrated system.
Early on in my work, I found that traditional training alone was insufficient to make the theory of integrated systems work in reality. My consulting practice is centered around developing procedures that result from interdepartmental team decisions. The goal of any company looking to implement an integrated system should be to develop a quality integrated management team within the organization. My experience in this area can be of great help in assisting a company to attain this goal.
On a more tactical level, I endeavor to reduce the generic theory and volumes of documentation to a set of procedures and guidelines which the staff of a home building organization can more readily relate to and adopt. At the same time, my knowledge of systems, and the industry as a whole, is used to assist your organization in developing efficiencies and short-cuts for using the system and in adapting an integrated system to your context. In short, what I offer is a depth of implementation, training assistance and experience on integrated systems that is superior to what less experienced qualified people in management and training services are able to provide.
In retaining a consultant, a company should expect to gain more than simple training on the management system chosen. Therefore, currently I have used my considerable experience to gain an understanding of other integrated systems on the market, as well as remaining current on the F.A.S.T. System. For many years I have been active within the N.A.H.B and currently serve on the Business Management Committee, the Education Committee, meet with quality work groups for the Single Family Production Builder's Committee, network with "quality management" experts of the industry, and have invested in a portable computer system from which I can tailor procedures for each client while on-site. I also serve on the board of directors with the Seattle-King County Master Builders Association and the State of Washington BIAW.
My consulting technique utilizes a process management approach (as opposed to a static list of job descriptions or responsibilities). What this can do is shorten the time and effort in applying an integrated system; and enable a home building company to realize the control and profit it is capable of, in a shorter period of time. In addition, a specific quality improvement process is being implemented at the same time people are being trained on the system. My experience with integrated systems would be invaluable in (but not limited to) the following areas:
  1. Assisting a home builder in determining which integrated system will meet their needs and goals in a timely manner.

  2. Reviewing procedures for use of the chosen integrated system.

  3. Recapping existing reporting processes between production, sales and accounting to determine areas of duplication, PRIOR to implementation of the new system.

  4. Assist in structuring data for the new system to take better advantage of whichever system is chosen, and in such a way to make the system easy to understand and effectively used.
On a general level there are several services I perform that go above and beyond what the current staff at various integrated system vendors are prepared to do. These include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Documenting procedural flows for prospect entry and marketing information.

  • Documenting processes to be used for contract entry and administration.

  • Developing staff agreement and documenting procedures to be used for job start and change orders.

  • Writing procedures to be used for the customer service operation.

  • Assisting in developing and/or revising a homeowner's manual.

  • Matching the operation and reporting of an integrated system to the business management guidelines taught by the N.A.H.B. Business Management Committees.

  • Assisting in the goal of using an integrated system as a tool for developing and implementing a quality management program, while integrating a company team in a positive way and improving the performance of your organization overall.

  • Employing, on the home builders behalf, my years of experience with all aspects of integrated systems, as well as twenty-five plus years of business management consulting background.

  • Providing superior service for a reasonable cost.
  • My consulting practice allows me to stay current on most computer applications. The work I do for a home builder is strictly on behalf of their organization. While integrated system vendors can provide on-site training, the decision as to what source provides the best results and value will be of prime concern to the home building company. To this end I am happy to attach a reference list and will let my clients speak to my results.
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