Implementation of integrated business management systems since 1974, residential construction since 1987.

Full time consultant to the residential construction industry assisting builders in standardization, and process improvement.

Specialize in selection and implementation of integrated computer application software for residential builders. Assisted over 100 builders in implementing integrated software and management procedures.

Serve on N.A.H.B Business Management Committee and Education Committee. Have co-authored/reviewed publications on Production Standards template and Computerized Estimating for Home builders. Committee chair for construction dispute policy for Seattle Master Builders. Three year state director for Building Industry Assn of Washington.


-Cycle time improvement via focus on process controls and consolidation of action steps
-Improved asset turnover through focus on speed and simplicitity
-Improved customer relations and referrals through implementing a customer focused strategy in all operations
-Development of clear operating procedures tied to measurable results, -Better retention and flexibility of staff through developing confidence to broaden responsibilities and decision making
-Reduced duplication, movement not motion
-Recognition of how to serve internal and external customers more effectively
-Stability in a wider range of markets through better executed strategy

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