1. Each Information TQM Group member will be responsible for the following fees:

  1. A predetermined fee of $950.00 plus shared catering costs is to be remitted to the Consultant/Facilitator - William A. Allen. This fee covers record keeping, monitoring and reporting at each meeting, overhead and time involved in maintaining phone contact with each group member to ensure progress and the time necessary for preparation and coordinating each meeting.

    The fee will be due prior to each meeting. Meeting fees will be paid at least two weeks prior to the date of each meeting. This fee will be determined one month prior to the meeting, upon RSVP by individual group members.

  2. Pro-rata share of "hard costs" for each meeting (e.g. meeting room, food and beverages at the meeting).

  3. Individual travel and lodging.

  4. Consultant/Facilitator travel and lodging.

  1. The fees noted in Item I, Section A do not cover specific consulting engagements, whether undertaken by distance (by phone and/or FAX), or via an on-site engagement. Normal engagement procedures will be followed under these conditions.